Sunday, 21 August 2011


Where do I start
All this cycle Ive had no hope actually feeling very sorry for myself
when on the way home from work my eye started to twitch hmm I thought my cousin Jordan said the only symptom she had was that her eye twitched like a mad woman I marched straight to super drugs and brought a pack of tests I was sure that id get a BFN as id been peeing all day the test was blank no line no BFP just BFN I picked it up to put in the bin and noticed the faintest of lines OMG could this be.
I tested again in the morning and it was as clear as day the line but me being me I'm still no overly sure they could both be evaps Ive heard that people can get to evaps if they are from the same pack.
Friday I tested with a digi there it was PREGNANT OMFG
I'm praying that AF does not come on Monday
please little chick pea stick

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