Sunday, 17 April 2011


I don't know if theses actually come with with ttc or these have suddenly occurred after my mc
but I have found myself having mood swings, ohh no not any mood swings, raging mood swings!!! they had been OK up until yesterday I can feel my self getting angry so I would isolate myself ignore people get on with what I've got to do but yesterday it suddenly change
on Friday I found myself cleaning the AGAIN with NO help from dh this well pissed me off to say the least but I got over it soon enough. As I woke on Saturday I felt like the house was still not to my cleaning standards so again i started to clean UP! dh is on the ps he can see what im doing and AGAIN offers me no help at this stage I was raging I felt like I could take on Mohammad Ali and knock him out!!!!! I began getting mad then madder then madder I've always been able to control my anger ohhh no not today no way I flipped rite out throwing two clothes horses to the floor full of clean washing then just started kicking them and completely broke one of them and then if that went enough i started smacking my head on the kitchen unit and then the back of my head against the wall I was ready to explode what was wrong why am I so angry dh rearly helps me continuously making up excuses I should be used to his shit, or maybe that was it i had taken it for just too long. I sat on the floor with my back to the wall knees up to my chest still banging my head on the wall behinde me. THEN I just felt an erge of calm back to normal no more angryness I just sat there thinking WTF have I done i got up picked up the mess I had created and carried on as normal.........

Dh did no say anything i think he was oblivious to what had gone on still playing his effing ps
I needed to get out I asked him to hoover the living room and dust (knowing he would leave it) I'm going to see the horses i need to get out!!!

I think he may have got the picture after seeing the broken clothes horse one leg had been completely broken off as the living room was clean and tidy when I arrived home 4hrs Later and in a better mood.

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